Result Genie


  • Clean and Simple - The design philosophy of Result Genie UI is clean and simple.
  • Advanced Analytics - We, at result genie, perform advanced analytics to provide much needed insights in the field of education
  • Loves Data - The platform developed by big data engineers is engineered for data. Our platform gets richer as the data grows
  • Cloud - As a PAAS, there is no maintenance on the user side. Upgrades are hassle free!!
  • Responsive - It is built for all devices. UI is rich and Responsive built using modern technologies such as ReactJS.
  • Availability - Our product - available 24 x 7, 365 days a year!

Tensorflow Contrib Analyzer

An excerpt from the results - Contrib Package has over 801 API's, is used in 24316 lines across 688 projects! Recently tensorflow announced that for 2.0 release, contrib package will cease to exist. The project is aimed at analyzing the after effects.


PyDSP is a web application powered by Django Framework compiled by The application aims at providing solutions for Digital Signal Processing. The Solutions are completely written using Python Language.


The idea is to create a bucket of recent trends and patterns in the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Objectives,

  • Simple yet intuitive UI
  • Posting should be obvious and easy Google Sheets!
  • Frugal innovation to derive zero-cost solution

Tensorflow Playground

{"admin":"admin@123" | "user":"user@123"}

A tensorflow playground with support for online-execution of Tensoflow Programs. Comes with an integrated Data File/Python Scripts and Checkpoint Manager


The main objective of the project is to decrease the complexity of the apparatus required for analyzing the signals. Ultimately it should be a single product which offers complete package.

Mahadasara 2k15

A neat-ui for MIT college event - "Mahadasara". As a technical program manager my role is to design, develop and deploy the infrastructure. It includes registration for Marathon, program management with live updates along with countdown.


Formatting is always a pain! How about an automated formatter to format your paper to conference styles (IEEE)? Documat - The name "Docu" - Document and "Mat"- Format helps to ease the formatting issue of papers.